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August 2015 the 15th National and International Patchwork Exhibition at Pécs, Cultural District of Zsolnay (Zsolnay Kulturális Negyed)

August 2015   the 15th National and International  Patchwork Exhibition at Pécs, Cultural District of Zsolnay (Zsolnay Kulturális Negyed)

In the hope that the location and the show itself will prompt many quilters to sew, we are expecting all Hungarian and international quilting fellows.
There are four categories of contest:

Nr.1.’Colors of Zsolnay’
We would like to pay tribute to our city’s famous factory and its artists.
The submitted quilts should reflect Zsolnay’s colors and designs.
Size: min. 1 m2 (no width and length restriction)

Let’s revisit the early days of patchwork! At least 50% of the submitted quilt should be recycled material with photos of the original textile (shirts, blankets etc) sent to Ildikó Csepeli’s e-mail: icsepeli@gmail.com
Size: min. 0.5 m2

The previous two categories are announced to the members of Hungarian Patchwork Guild only. We are ready to display quilts by non-members or international artists if the jury deems them of acceptable quality.

Open categories- anybody can send quilts!

Nr.3.’Contemporary families’
Sometimes colorful, harmonic, sometimes chaotic. We are expecting innovative designs that relate to families of today.
Size: min. 1 m2

Nr.4. Single or double bedspread (for beginner or advanced quilters, beginners are with less than 3 years of quilting experience)

All quilts should satisfy the basic rules of quilting: they must have three layers, stitched by hand or machine, at the back bottom left corner a label should indicate the name  and address of the quilter, e-mail address, year of making and title.(in Hungarian or English)

No work can be submitted that has been shown in print or on the internet, or displayed at any exhibition.

Quilters who wish to have their works returned by post are to pay the postage (the exact amount will be communicated by e-mail) to Hunyor Vasutas Foltvarró Kör, SzigetváriTakarékszövetkezet : IBAN/BIC number: TAKBHUHB HU91-5080-0111-1540-7867-0000-0000   with  the  name and address of the quilter and ’Pályázat 2015’  indicated.

The works should arrive by 16th August 2015 to Tünde Balogh 7630 Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos u 37.
For more detail see the webpage of Magyar Foltvarró Céh at  http:// hunpatch.com /

We are waiting of your works and wish everybody a good planing and stiching!
Hunyor Vasutas Foltvarró Kör és Zsolnay Kulturális Negyed
Hunka Ibolya   hunkaibolya@freemail.hu
Csepeli Ildikó  icsepeli@gmail.com

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